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01 Feb

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Action Alert! Arizona Second Amendment Sanctuary County Meetings

We received word that next week both Apache and Yavapai County Boards of Supervisors are meeting on resolutions to declare their Counties as Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

The Apache County Board of Supervisors is meeting on Tuesday, February 4, at the County Annex Building, 75 West Cleveland Street, St. Johns, Arizona. The meeting starts at 8:30 AM. The agenda has not yet been posted but it is our understanding that District III Supervisor, Travis Simshauser has submitted a “consent” resolution for the Board to declare Apache County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. While the meeting is open to the public, we’re hearing that the best way to show support for the resolution is via email to the County Manager/Clerk of the Board, Ryan Patterson at

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors is meeting on Wednesday, February 5, to vote on a Resolution to declare Yavapai County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.” We need to fill the room with Yavapai County Second Amendment Sanctuary City, County and Reservation movement supporters!

The hearing will be held at 1015 Fair Street in the Yavapai County building in Prescott Arizona. The meeting starts at 9 AM. Please plan on being there before 8 AM to get a seat. The last meeting had over 500 in attendance and seating was full by 8 AM.

If you are unable to drive to Prescott for the meeting, you can also view the meeting at the Yavapai County Annex at 10 South 6th Street in Cottonwood. At both locations you’ll be able to view the proceeding and provide oral and written comments. Fill out an RTS (request to speak) green form immediately upon entering if you wish to speak.

Whether or not you can attend, we ask that you contact the Yavapai Board of Supervisors and urge them to support the resolution to make Yavapai County a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

The local anti-rights “Progressive” group, Prescott Indivisible, is encouraging their followers to attend and speak out against the resolution. Please show them respect for their First Amendment rights even while they wish to violate your Second Amendment rights.

If you are interested in organizing to make your City or County a Second Amendment Sanctuary, please contact Drake Mitchell, Second Amendment City, County and Reservation Movement coordinator, at

The Arizona Second Amendment Sanctuary movement is gaining momentum and now has its own website:

Are you on Facebook? Please visit their Facebook Page and give it a “Like”:

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