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28 Feb

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We have received quite a bit of feedback regarding our recent Alert about the dissolution of our Political Action Committee. There appears to be some confusion about what is being discontinued, and what activities will cease.

For purposes of clarification, some further explanation is in order. AzCDL is currently three separate and distinct entities, each with their own corporate structures, Boards of Directors, bank accounts, etc. These businesses are:

Arizona Citizens Defense League - A 501(c)(4) tax exempt corporation, founded in 2005 to focus on civic education and advancing our right to keep and bear arms through improvements in public policy. This is the entity that provides our membership with our Legislative Alerts, our Legislative Action Center where legislators from your district can be emailed, our Bill Tracking system, etc. Donations to AzCDL are NOT deductible on your income taxes.

AzCDL Website:
Legislative Alerts:
Legislative Action Center:
Bill Tracking:

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AzCDL Foundation - A 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation, whose mission involves promoting firearms safety, training, practice, and skill at arms, facilitating access to firearms training opportunities, and raising awareness of the constitutional and legal aspects of firearms possession, safety and use. Donations to this entity ARE deductible on your income taxes.

AzCDL Foundation Website:

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AzCDL PAC - An Arizona ***political action committee*** formed pursuant to ARS Title 16, Chapter 6 for the sole purpose of supporting, through campaign contributions, candidates for the Arizona Legislature and statewide offices who support and defend Arizonans’ right to keep and bear arms. Donations to this entity are NOT deductible on your income taxes.

. . . . . . . . . .

ONLY the third entity, AzCDL PAC, is being discontinued. The Arizona Citizens Defense League will continue to provide the same services and promote the same policy goals that we have continuously for the last fifteen plus years. The AzCDL Foundation is expanding into new areas, having recently merged with TrainMeAZ, the premier provider of gun safety training information in Arizona. We are growing, we are gaining members, and we are as active at the legislature as we have ever been.

Policy Goals:

TrainMeAZ website:

AzCDL Accomplishments:

We are NOT going away!

As noted in our previous Alert, the increasing complexities of election dynamics over the last several years, along with the greatly increased political contribution limits, have led us to believe that our PAC’s ability to make effective monetary contributions to legislative and statewide electoral contests has been minimized. As most gun owners tend to shy away from giving their hard-earned money to politicians, whose support of our RKBA typically varies with the prevailing winds, we have never brought much money into the PAC. That small amount just doesn’t go very far anymore.

We believe our effort, and your hard-earned money, should be directed where it can do the most good. Our legislative activities and grassroots activism have always been our strong suit. Refocusing our energy towards those activities can only be good for our organization, all its members and supporters.

We apologize for any confusion our previous Alert may have caused, and we look forward to continuing the fight for our RKBA far into the future. Thank you all for your continuing support.


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